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Genealogy Links
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General Genealogy

LDS Website
This will probably end up being the most visited and best site for Genealogy.  The Latter Day Saints are well known for their efforts to record church records and trace genealogies.  Currently they only have their English and Norwegian files on line, but when (and if) they add their whole collection, their site will become by far the biggest and best genealogical source for those tracing their families.
Cindi's List
Cindi is a professional genealogist who has checked out and classified several sites on the web.  Her site offers a generous list of links which makes for a good starting point if you are looking for a place to begin or further your research.
A website with several databases.  Some require a membership fee and some are free.   Worth checking out.
Family Tree Maker
I don't use their product (I use Sierra Generations Grand Suite), but their website is very helpful (better than Sierra's).  They have bulletin boards that can be searched where you can place a memo.  I discovered a distant cousin (who I didn't know existed) here by searching their bulletin board.  Turns out she is researching similar people.  Check it out, you might find a relative!
What's In A Name
A great write-up one how different people groups chose surnames.  A must read.
Distant Cousins Genealogy Index 
Cemetery records, ship passenger lists, online census' and other resources.
Library of Congress Genealogy Room 
Some interesting resources and links.

Michigan Genealogical Links

Herrick Public Library
This is where I began doing genealogy as a junior higher!  They have a wonderful Dutch archive (unfortunately is not online).  However, they do offer a list of surnames that they have indexed in their library as well as a good list of links for general genealogy.  Also, they have on line 4 generation genealogy charts that you can print.  Great for when you go to a library or archive to do research.
Michigan in the Civil War
A well designed website with the rosters of those from Michigan who participated in the Union army.  Pictures of flags as well as some great information on troop movements.   Links t similar Civil War Historical sites for other states.

Some Personal Genealogical Websites


Some Other Interesting Sites

Designs of Wonder:  Coats of Arms 
Great renditions of coats of arms.  The web host is very helpful and friendly.
Jerry's Heraldry 
Another heraldry web site with another friendly and helpful host. 
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