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Someone once said that we can't fully know who we are until we understand where we came from.  There is some truth in this, and thus there is genealogy.  Genealogy is the study of where one comes from and more specifically who one comes from.  It is more than names and dates.  Story comes into play.  When we understand the stories of our ancestors, new light is shed on our own person.  We are all a product of our those who came before us and not just our own personal experiences.  From this perspective, genealogy takes on a whole new meaning.

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This web site is a doorway into my own heritage as well as any who descend from the Haans. My uncle Vernon has a good insight into one's heritage.  He once remarked how many people get caught up simply researching he family line that from which they are named, i.e. I would mainly research the Haan's.  He went on to say that this is too bad because we genetically we may be more like someone else in our line.  My younger sister, for instance, bears a strong resemblance to her grandmother Ringold and doesn't look much like a Haan.   So those who are researching the Haan line in any capacity are welcome to share, explore, and  contribute to this site.   My hope is that this site will aid you in your research and that you will contribute so that others may be blessed by your contribution.

A word about gedcom files: You will notice that there are not a lot of people listed who were born before 1900. That is to protect the privacy of those who are living.  I hope that you will understand.  There are enough people out there who would misuse others personal information that I feel it necessary to do this.  If you desire later information, you'll have to contact the submitter of the file personally.  If you submit a gedcom file (and I hope you will) please note that I will take the liberty of altering it to protect "the living."  If you specifically ask me not to, I will honor that request as well.   ;-)  

One last thing, please e-mail me if you even have a hunch that we are related-- no matter how distantly.  I will work hard to give you a prompt response.   Genealogy sometimes is as much luck as it is skill.  But sometimes we need to create our own luck by following any leads no matter how thin they may appear.  Well, without further adieu, enjoy. 


Web Updates

Please be patient with me as I put this site together.  It was officially launched on September 23rd, 1999 so please be patient as I make additions.  Please feel free to volunteer and to contribute.

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Kevin Haan is the coordinator of this surname resource center. Feel free to e-mail him.
Last Updated: February 23rd, 2000.

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